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Virgin Media making 100 Mbps service its entry level product
Wednesday 22 March 2017 19:02:31 by Andrew Ferguson

Virgin Media has always worked to retain its crown of being the fastest widely available broadband provider and news today indicates that the 100 Mbps product is set to become the standard entry level service and 300 Mbps as the top speed.

Update: 7pm 27th March 2017 Someone spotted that the upload speeds have changed in the press release on the Virgin Media site, so we have copied the table over again:

  • VIVID 300 300Mbps download and 20Mbps upload
  • VIVID Gamer 200Mbps download and 20Mbps upload (an upgrade to 300 Mbps download is £5/m)
  • VIVID 200 200Mbps download and 12Mbps upload
  • VIVID 100 100Mbps download and 6Mbps upload

The product tiers will be (as published by Virgin Media on 22nd March 2017):

  • VIVID 300 300Mbps download and 20Mbps upload
  • VIVID Gamer 200Mbps download and 20Mbps upload (an upgrade to 300 Mbps download is £5/m)
  • VIVID 200 200Mbps download and 16Mbps upload
  • VIVID 100 100Mbps download and 12Mbps upload

"By beefing up our bundles we’re leaving our competitors in the rear view mirror, starting where they finish. Eye-watering speeds, a better box and top-notch TV is a winning combination.

More and more switchers tell us they are joining Virgin Media for our faster speeds and we understand why - whether it’s 4K Netflix, box sets in multiple rooms or online gaming, the best entertainment requires the best broadband and we’re making sure our customers are covered with these bundles at incredible value.

Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Media

We feel that the CEO missed an important point when drafting his comment, since a key point of ultrafast broadband is the ability to let you do multiple things, so surely one would expect Virgin Media to be promoting doing 4K streaming, box sets and online gaming all at the same time?

Pricing is of course important to people and also given the size of Virgin Media will have some influence on what prices its competitors feel they will able to charge. Products apart from Solus which is the broadband only service include voice line and are based on 12 month contracts.

  • VIVID 100 solus £32.25 per month
  • VIVD 200 solus £37.25 per month
  • VIVID 200 Gamer £42.25 per month
  • VIVID 300 solus £47.25 per month
  • VIVIV 100 with home phone £40 per month
  • Player bundle with VIVID 100 £45 per month
  • Mix bundle with VIVID 100 and V6 £52 per month
  • Fun bundle with VIVID 100 and V6 £57 per month
  • Full House bundle with VIVID 200 and V6 £73 per month
  • Full House bundle with VIVID 300 and V6 £83 per month

We presume the press release has omitted the classic 'up to' since it is promoting the connection speeds rather than the peak time experience and the behaviour of different areas that Virgin Media cover can be the problem, thus while many are perfectly happy there is it appears a constant churn of people who are chasing reliable jitter and latency performance moving to the slower VDSL2 products. If Virgin Media can get a firm grasp on capacity planning and combine this with an increasing footprint it stands a good chance of heading off any product plans that BT Consumer, Sky and TalkTalk have.

It is not clear if there will be any pro-active upgrade programme as used to happen a few years ago for Virgin Media customers, only time will tell on that topic but we know for sure some will chase to be the first to try and get upgrades and the usual advice of make sure you know what contract changes you are agreeing to applies. Our product listings still feature the old speed points since Virgin Media has not updated its own packages yet.


Posted by 2doorsbob about 1 month ago
I think the reasoning is v6 requires 100meg and i believe this will be the standard set top box virgin will install in the not too distant future , one thing i'd question is what affect this will have on there network as this will impact utilization
Posted by Fishpan about 1 month ago
My area is already overutilised and has been for a while. Sad to see that they are leaping ahead upgrading areas while not fixing the widespread congestion issues seen all over the country!
Posted by BuckleZ about 1 month ago
are they removing 50Mb i just signed up to 50, inside 14 days, seems them prices have all been reduced, i think 50mb is 32 on the website at the moment.... worth checking out? its still showing 50mb on the site?
Posted by comnut about 1 month ago
best to ring THEM, dont you think??? :)
Posted by BuckleZ about 1 month ago
yeah will tomorrow, if not ill cancel and re-sign up with the new price. thanks
Posted by comnut about 1 month ago
Note that VM is 'no 3' and has almost 5 million customers, and BT and sky have almost twice as much..

If you want better service go to one of the smaller ones like idnet or Zen.. :)
Posted by John_Gray about 1 month ago
Do those of us currently on 77 Mbps [sic] get an automatic upgrade to 100 Mbps? Of course with no price rise (until the next time)...
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 month ago
I wish they was here, then I could get away from the Bloated toad hybrid system.
Posted by cks22 about 1 month ago
It’s not download speed the problem here as I pay for 70 and get 75 (almost 24/7) but VM upload speeds are a laugh in this day and age and where other providers manage greater upload speeds with nothing more than a wet piece of string. (:-))
Posted by cks22 about 1 month ago
Just noticed the VIVID 100 has 12 Mb upload, that would keep me happy with an above inflation price rise come September.
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 month ago
My uploads speed are naff as well, sometimes I am lucky to get 5Mb/s, dreadfull, but this is what we get with antique copper wires. bridging the gap.
Posted by comnut about 1 month ago
And I ask WHY are you still with VM, when others are doing much better???
eg 100Mbps up AND down.... Yes, really! :)
you can even get Gbps up & down.. :D
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 month ago
Who are you commenting on Comnut? I think you are looking at the data allowance and not the speed.
Posted by Exasive about 1 month ago
A lot of VM's customers are experiencing issues with Over Utilised Area's. I myself am experiencing this issue, I pay for a 200MB gamer package, advertised at low pings and still having the same internet browsing speeds as a 100mb line which what i was previously on. I'm considering moving away from VM.
Posted by Doccy about 1 month ago
The gap between urban and rural is widening... live in a city, there's a good chance you're near an exchange for FTTC at least, and a good chance you're within VM cable area, so you have a choice.

If you live more rural, then you're still drifting along on up to 2 meg ADSL, with no sign of any change.

There should be an incentive scheme for these big companies, that they are only allowed to progress urban work, if they subsidise/fund some rural connections.
Posted by comnut about 1 month ago
{groan} I DO mean you can get 1000000 Mega bits per second UPLOAD from the company in THIS link..
PLEASE actually follow it!
Posted by comnut about 1 month ago
and this one..
Posted by zyborg47 about 1 month ago
No I can't comnut, the only service we have here is FTTC or ADSL, simple as that.
Posted by TheEulerID about 1 month ago

Nobody provides terabit broadband (outside of backbone networks). I would suggest you keep your pressing of the 0 key in the realms of reality.
Posted by mlmclaren about 1 month ago
I'll welcome an extra bit of upload for nothing :)
Posted by mlmclaren about 1 month ago
Pooh just noticed... should mean I'll be on the gamer package now then .
Posted by mlmclaren about 1 month ago
Or soon at least
Posted by comnut about 1 month ago
TheEulerID: oops... :/ :p
Posted by CarlThomas about 1 month ago
@Doccy The gap between rural and urban has never been lower. BT / Openreach have more FTTP in rural areas than urban ones, and ~90% of the UK has access to FTTC.

There are tiny rural hamlets that have better broadband than almost anyone in the UK's 3rd city, thanks to taxpayers.

Forcing companies to build rural before urban simply means they'll build nothing. Shall we ban TfL from doing anything as the entire country doesn't have metro services?
Posted by DrMikeHuntHurtz about 1 month ago
More government makes things worse.
Posted by djfunkdup about 1 month ago
Posted by Fishpan: Quote : ''while not fixing the widespread congestion issues seen all over the country!'' Oops!! looks like another drama lama has escaped .;-)
Posted by djfunkdup about 1 month ago
VM Broadband Vote on cable forum currently has 93.75% of users saying ''I Love It''.Yes it's just a small poll so far but id say that kinda sums up the situation. yes there will always be some users on every network with issues but all in all most users are happy. you don't tend to hear from happy customers.they are the silent majority ;)
Posted by sharp66 about 1 month ago
VM fibre is like a VW diesel, it tests well , but in actual use the performance is lacking , as soon as I download or game my latency is 130+ms , packet loss increases, but it tests great on OOKLA et all .....will move so a slower but more stable supplier as soon as I am out of contract...or try one of the smaller companies advertised on TBB
Posted by leexgx about 1 month ago

the problem with VM that the the issue with poor speeds is street level specific 3 streets down it can be working perfectly fine as you may be connected to a different cab (the Big green one with 4 doors and hums, not the small repeater cabs) if you're on a overloaded cab then every street connected to that cab will have same issues
Posted by fox-uk about 1 month ago
We had an almost perfect 50Mb service from Virgin from the time it went up to 50Mb.

When the 70Mb was introduced everything went, I think the technical term is, wobbly....

What is going to happen if we are upgraded to 100Mb Gawd only knows and he aint tellin'.

Twice the allowable maximum without the necessary prep work seems silly, especially as the last upgrade hasn't been sorted yet.

Posted by jimwillsher about 1 month ago
Still drifting along here (Scotland) on 8Mb down and 0.8Mb up, whilst the exchange 5 miles from me is an EA exchange so 0.5Mb capped. So when people (above) post things like "can only get 5Mb upload", please spare a thought for the rest of us....
Posted by leexgx about 1 month ago

at least it works consistent manner (as long as its not been maxed out)
Posted by CarlThomas 30 days ago
@leexgx The 'big green one with 4 doors and hums' isn't delivering your broadband, Sir.
Posted by tmcr 30 days ago
Isn't it great that we can see a press release, on the VM site, yet their own staff know little about the forthcoming changes ? I rang them to get confirmation it would be 100/12, they don't know. Even been through to their Customer Complaints team, they only know what it is the papers. And this is a communications company ?
Posted by tmcr 30 days ago
Update: Check the press release page - the speeds have been altered there ! TB says 100/12 above, VM now say 100/6 = no change :-(
Posted by tmcr 27 days ago
Just an observation - if it is "VIVID 200 solus £37.25 per month", which VM's site say is "£37.25 a month for 12 months", how much is it going to jump up to after 12 months ?
Posted by chrysalis 26 days ago
Agree with Carl, even when rural pulls ahead of urban we will still have people drivelling on about the so called gap.
Posted by bigluap 18 days ago
Just upgraded to he V6 box, they had my old Tivo back, s assuming they have a use for it, replacement for exisiting users?
Spped test's can get 150 mbit/sec to LA & 170 to Florida using Verizon speed checker, 220 on Think Broadbad.
Prices as shown above are the full price Mine being £73 after the current discount expires.
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