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My voice line is 'noisy' after installing ADSL?

Try disconnecting your modem to see if the noise disappears. If yes, you may have a faulty micro filter, or a technical issue with your phone line. If no, any number of factors may be creating noise. We suggest talking to your ISP who will be able to submit a fault report to BT.

Why do Cable Modems have lower pings than me, I thought ADSL was faster?

The "ping time" with ADSL is governed, in the main, by the latency between you and the local exchange. Data is encoded using an interleaving technique to make it tolerant to noise which takes a little time.

BTignite chose to use a very noise tolerant algorithm to ensure the minimum of packet loss between the user and the exchange. The connection after the exchange is over an ATM network which has a negliable bearing on the ping times. Once your connection reaches your ISP, latency within their internal network comes into play.

My connection seems slow?

If you are only getting around 6KB/sec then your connection is very slow! The question must be asked did you run any software to optimise your connection for an old dial up modem? If so a visit to may be in order. This will advise and discuss tweaking of your connection. Note you should tweak according to what your needs are, gamers will use a different set of tweaks to heavy downloaders. There are no hard and fast rules, experimentation seems to be the key. Users of extremely nervous dispositions may prefer to perform a clean re-install of Windows.

What sort of speeds can I expect?

Assuming optimal conditions, USB modems will not compromise the speed of downloaded or uploaded files. Data should be transferred as fast as your line will permit.

Windows 2000 keeps hanging after installing my SpeedTouch USB modem?

Users with multi-processor systems, and the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB may experience this problem under Windows 2000. Alcatel report that the problem is due to a Microsoft bug (the problem has been fixed in XP). Try installing the latest drivers from Alcatel to solve the problem (v1.4 or better).

I’ve heard that USB modems can slow down my PC?

This is no longer a problem on modern computers.