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Rumours FAQ

I've heard that the "low-loss exchange line" will help me get ADSL?

Unfortunately not. The low loss exchange line from BT provides extra amplification on your telephone line for older equipment which may not work properly under current conditions.

I’ve heard that the IP address changes every two hours?

This rumour existed for a while with BTopenworld and their dynamic IP allocation. But has proven to be incorrect, if you remain connected you will always have the same IP address, even if you disconnect and reconnect quickly you may still have the same address.

People say that ADSL will not be able to host websites?

ADSL is not a replacement for a leased line, it carries no service guarantees at present, but for hobby/home web hosting it is perfect. With the USB service it is possible to host websites, if your ISP provides a dynamic IP address this can complicate matters but services like DynDNS will provide a work around.

I’ve heard that BT don't allow home networking?

This is incorrect. Home networking is allowed but it's not supported. If you phone support with a problem they will not answer your questions. See our Home Networking FAQ.