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Want to reach 400,000 users in just one month?

Our site is the largest UK broadband information website providing impartial advice to users on all things broadband for over 7 years so we are a trusted source. We have around 400,000 'absolute unique visitors' each month (based on statistics from Google Analytics in October 2007) who browse the site each month across over 800,000 visits and across around 6 million pageviews.

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Banner Specifications

We provide two types of image advertising services. A 'top banner' is a standard 468x60 banner whilst the 'side banner' can support either a 140x200 pixel shape or a 120x600 skyscraper. The top banner is shown across the entire site including the forums/message boards whilst the side banner/skyscraper are only shown on the main site.

We make banners available in 'blocks'. For example, a 10% block on the top banner means your banner will be shown on average at least once in every 10 impressions.

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